The PTS team is a resource that the Infection Prevention or Environmental Services communities can access for information pertaining to cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces, medical devices and hands. From cruise ships to schools or acute care to long term care healthcare facilities, the PTS team’s expertise and knowledge of chemical disinfectants is unparalleled in the industry.


To ensure the Infection Prevention & Environmental Services communities have the tools to effectively choose and use chemical disinfectants; the PTS team has developed training programs and protocols for the use of chemical disinfectants, developed assessment tools for monitoring facility compliance and compiled an educational database of resource material on chemical disinfectants.


To help prevent the transmission of infectious diseases, the PTS team has created the PATHOGEN page as a means to provide detailed information on specific organisms of concern, cleaning and disinfection protocols and reference links to relevant public health documents and infection prevention and control guidelines.


The PTS team is committed to providing you with the latest public health and infection control news and resources. Whether you are looking for educational webinars or seminars, technical bulletins or white papers, trade magazine or peer reviewed published articles we are your trusted source for resources pertaining to chemical disinfectants.


Talk Clean to Me

Surfaces, Devices, Hands and anything else we think you should know about chemical disinfectants and their effective use for infection prevention.


RUST - the new cost of doing business?

The fodder of many of the Talk Clean To Me blogs are based on comments, questions, emails and conversations Lee and I have with the infection prevention and control community from around the world.   The impetus of this is that the conversation we are having at that point in time is not likely an isolated occurrence but that others are asking or pondering over the same question. So when I saw a question posted on an infection prevention chat room about rust on furniture in the OR, it seemed a perfect topic for this week's blog.

So, what is rust?  Most of us would describe rust as a reddish or yellowish-brown flaky coating on a surface and generally associate it with corrosion of metal surfaces. Technically, it is iron oxide that has formed on iron or steel by oxidation, especially in the presence of moisture. Read more

#FF - Follow Friday!

It's been a while since I've done a Friday shout out and seeing as I have not been in the office for the past week and am boarding a plane in about an hour, I thought this would be a perfect week to do it!

I will admit, a couple of these have been mentioned before, but some of their recent blog posts makes them worth mentioning again!

Controversies in Hospital Infection Prevention  is written by ID Docs or Hospital Epidemiologists Eli, Mike and Dan.  Touch on current topics  or newly published in Infection Prevention,  and share articles by other authors that they are worth reading.  They have a recent blog looking a study that had been published about facial hair an infection control risks.  I am not sure I am going to ever be able to kiss a guy with a beard or goatee again! Read more


Is PPE a necessary evil?


In putting together a "surprise" for the IPAC-Canada and APIC conferences it dawned on me that while Lee & I have talked around the various areas that one should consider with respect to determining the safety profile of a disinfectant chemistry we have not gotten into the nitty-gritty of PPE.   In my travels, I have had many a HCW tell me they use "the CANCER wipe" and that they would NEVER use the wipe without gloves (goggles and in some cases even masks).  However, try as a I may, I have been unable to find a wipe commercially branded under that name.  Read more



Disinfection - It's more than the juice you use!




I admit, I have an inquisitive mind which upon occasion does get me into trouble.  I am also a Taurus (bull-headed and stubborn...) and when you mix the two together much to the chagrin of those around me you  end up with someone who while I have been known to respond to a question with "because that's the way it is" do not accept that as an answer to a question that I have posed! 

My inquisitiveness and stubbornness does come in handy when working with a facility to solve a problem related to the use of disinfectants particularly if the problem how to manage an outbreak.   I am also very fortunate to have a Research Team who loves to solve problems and conduct research studies so that we can improve the available science to support the correct and effective use of disinfectants. Read more





Reference Library

The PTS Reference Library is an ever expanding collection of key infection prevention and control documents pertaining to cleaning, disinfection and sterilization that are available for download including: Infection Control Guidelines, Links to key infection control websites, Infection Control Posters (The Webber Training Infection Control Calendar), Industry Articles & Scientific Publications.

Going Green — Can looking after the environment and cleaning efficacy be compatible?

There are more and more green trends emerging in infection prevention and control. This section discusses the importance of those trends and the implications for cleaning and disinfectants.