About Us

Welcome to Professional and Technical Services (PTS)  experts in chemical disinfection for infection prevention.  Our goal is to educate and provide you the latest resources related to cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces, medical devices and hands.   As specialists in disinfectant chemistries, microbiology, environmental cleaning and disinfection, facility assessments and policy and procedure creation we are dedicated to helping any person or facility who uses chemical disinfectants.

Our expertise is utilized by Infection Preventionists, Public Health Experts, First Responders, Dentists, Physicians, Nurses, Veterinarians, Aestheticians, Environmental Services professionals and janitorial product distributors to develop more sustainable cleaning and disinfection practices in North  America. Our commitment to providing chemical disinfectant education is more than business, it is a passion.

Our Team

The PTS team has multifaceted educational background including both science and business management.  Our team has the depth and breadth of knowledge and industry contacts to assist with any challenge with the use of chemical disinfectants you may face. For more information, please visit the Biographies Section of our website.

Our Services

We can help you meet the challenge, whether it's developing a product review team, improving cleaning and disinfection procedures, developing new training program or looking for speakers to conduct seminars on a wide variety of topics, we offer a diverse set of services. For more information, please visit the Consulting Services Section of our website.

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Nicole Kenny, BSc, Assoc  Chem

Director, PTS

Virox Technologies Inc

Phone: 1-800-387-7578 x118

Email: nkenny@virox.com




Lee Nesbitt, BMSc

Director, PTS Health Care

Virox Technologies Inc

Phone: 1-800-387-7578 x115

Email: lnesbitt@virox.com